What I have here is a manuscript of an exciting adventure I experienced as a truck driver in the music bid-ness, between the ages of 24 and 43, (1975-1995). I drove big trucks for a few of the most popular bands in the bid-ness, transporting sound, band gear, lights, or staging equipment, at one time or another, as the tours moved across the country and Canada.

I present the synchronicities that precipitated, getting into the bid-ness, and how they kept appearing throughout, as I navigated my way through those years of my life.

Almost 22 years old in July of 1973, no college, I was putting my efforts toward being the best carpenter I could be.

Through synchronicities, and excellent guidance from my guardians, I walked into a most wonderful adventure, filled with fantastic experiences.

Coming from a humble home, my mother worked hard to raise three kids. Money was tight, so there was not a lot of traveling. A trip to Houston in the summer to visit my dad or a trip to Dallas to visit my cousins was the extent.

It is my intent to familiarize you with the inside the cab of a semi and put you behind the wheel of the truck, as I travel across the country. The cab becomes your home, your refuge, and spiritual center and place of solitude, with no one else to talk to but yourself, as long as the squelch on the C. B. is turned way back.

The opportunity to drive a truckload of equipment to the Bronx, and Yankee Stadium, with Pink Floyd, and experience New York City for five days, hotel room paid for, plus, here’s the kicker. Getting paid to experience all this is an experience anyone would feel grateful to have

Traveling through Canada, from Halifax, Nova Scotia to Victoria, British Columbia, with stops in Quebec City, Montreal, Toronto, Alberta, Thru the Canadian Rockies to Vancouver, B.C., with Styx, had the feeling of a paid vacation.

I had the pleasure to drive for the Charlie Daniels Band, a couple of times. While spending some time off in Nashville, was invited out to his Twin Pines Ranch, to ride horses, and had the grand experience of rounding up cattle, to treat for worms, and brand the young before going back on the road.

The people you meet in the bid-ness, and the friends you make, for the most part, are fleeting moments. However, some remain friends for a lifetime.

I told stories of my experiences to friends, and folks I have met in the years since I left the bid-ness and without fail, the reply would be, you need to write a book, or you should write a book, people would read that.

After twenty years of hearing the responses, and constant encouragement from my wife, and other professionals I am in contact with on a weekly basis, I started typing two years and eight months ago.

I have a 285-page manuscript completed; I am posting segments, periodically, to build a platform of interest, and soon publish the paper as a book.